Spa treatments make us feel pampered, relaxed, rejuvenated and energized.
 We feel healthier, de-stressed, detoxified and definitely younger. 
We emerge from a spa session glowing and re-motivated.

Natural mineral salts and essential oils are massaged onto the skin to
 remove rough, dead skin cells. Without an exfoliation before treatment
 the layer of dead cells would block the absorption of the treatment materials.
 After an exfoliation  your skin feels smooth and rejuvenated. 
approximately 20 minutes..............$30

Body Wraps
The body is cocooned in a purifying element such as clay, to draw out impurities,
 relax muscles and detoxify  the skin. An exfoliation must be done
 before a body wrap and is included with this treatment..
 approximately 45 minutes.............$75

Face Glow
The face is first wrapped in a warm towel to open the pores, then a cleansing 
process  is preformed to help rid of dead skin cells. 
When complete the skin has a smooth and glowing complexion.
 approximately 30 minutes.............$40

Hydrating Stone Facial
This facial incorporates a hydrating facial masque and stone massage into the already popular face glow. The use of hot stones and the hydrating masque help drive nutrients deep into the layers of the skin creating an enhanced treatment.
approximately 60 minutes.............$55

Scalp Treatment
Hot oil or conditioner is massaged into the clients scalp leaving the client relaxed and revived. 
approximately 15 minutes..............$20

Back Facial Treatment
The hard to reach area of the back is tended to during the back facial treatment. An exfoliation and deep cleansing masque is applied to the shoulders, neck and back to purify and refine the skin. A relaxing massage finalizes this treatment
.approximately 60 minutes……….$60

Body Butter Massage
This is the ultimate relaxation massage. The thick texture of the body butter glides smooth and provides 
ultimate hydration for the skin. 
approximately 30 minutes..............$40
approximately 60 minutes..............$50

 Paraffin Treatment
Paraffin treatments reduce swelling in muscles and decreases inflammation of joints and connective tissues. Paraffin treatments expand the pores of the skin and allow moisture to penetrate more readily. After a paraffin treatment your skin feels smooth and refreshed. 
approximately 20 minutes..............$25

Foot Treatment
This is the perfect treatment to cure your aching feet. After cleansing and exfoliating your feet, warm mud is applied to draw out impurities and soften your skin. Finally reflexology is used to rid your feet of tension and make your whole body feel good.
approximately 30 minutes..............$40

Hand Treatment
We use our hands everyday, why not give them a special treatment. After and exfoliation and a paraffin dip, the hands are massaged with moisturizing cream making them feel as good as new. 
approximately 30 minutes...............$35

Aromatherapy essential oils may be added into any massage or spa therapy for an additional $5.00