Sweating is the body’s safe and natural way to heal, stay healthy, 
and detox. Combine the benefits of a infrared therapy and massage to achieve complete 
relaxation and rejuvenation.
 Sauna Sauna sessions cause sweating which helps in open the skins pores.
 As we sweat it helps in excretion of body toxins and other impurities from the blood. People 
experience freshness in mood and health for longer time once they use a sauna.
 As the body gets cleansed through sweating, muscles are relaxed leading to the 
feeling of well-being. The use of a sauna is also helpful in joint pain as the warm steam 
helps blood flow resume effectively in all parts of the body and the contracted 
muscles are relieved.Sweating also helps the body release heat and 
keeps your internal core temperature as consistent as needed.
It’s effectiveness in weight loss has been main reason people choose sauna bath over any 
other type of exercise. Sauna works positively on our metabolism and increases 
its speed and intensity, which in turn results in weight loss.

Detox Through Sweating 
It is extremely important to detox and remove the built up toxins in our bodies. 
 It is very easy in our society for a person to become ill and diseased. 
The reason for this is that human beings have never been more exposed to toxins as we are in these times. Toxin is a word that describes any substance that creates harmful effects to the body. Toxins are generated from both our internal and external environment . Our body naturally produces toxins as part of its metabolic functions – for example, bacteria and yeast that inhabit the colon produce toxins as part of metabolism – and as it responds to stress. 
Externally, toxins can be found everywhere. It is in the food we eat or anything we consume with the presence of inorganic fertilizers, additives, or hormones in the food we eat. It can also be present in coffee, soda, cigarette smoking, water we drink or bathe in (chlorine). 
There are also toxins in the paints, cleaning solutions, carpets, bug sprays, etc used in our homes, offices and cars. Air pollution is also a major contributor to toxicity. Another aspect to consider is the presence of heavy metals. Heavy metals can be found in mercury amalgam dental fillings, chemicals in our workplace, food and water. 
Our liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines and blood work continuously to clean out every cell, organ and tissue in our body. However, because of the increase of all these toxins around us, we need to help our body cleanse internally by detoxifying regularly. 
Detoxification is a major component of supporting good health. Without regular detoxification, the toxins accumulate in our tissues and fat. Over time, they may cause inflammation, irritation and degeneration which lead to degenerative and chronic diseases such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, cancer. 
Generally, we should always keep our colon clean. Regular bowel movement (once to twice daily) is an absolute necessity. If we don’t eliminate the toxins in our colon through bowel movement, they will accumulate and become a breeding ground for unhealthy bacteria, which multiply. Blood capillaries lining the colon wall begin to absorb these toxins and poison the bloodstream, all of the body’s tissues and organs. Eventually, this will set the stage for serious health and beauty problems.